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When a veteran journalist turned his popular Cold War podcast into a content series,
his production company tapped us to create a trailer to get history buffs excited.
The initial plan was to create a promo showcasing the giant virtual production
screen (the same type used in The Mandalorian) to tout the immersive feel.
And while we did produce that promo, it was more “B-T-S” than a true trailer.

Using a treasure trove of unexpected archival footage (and my Soviet history minor
from college) I worked with an editor to create something more visceral and immediate.
I started with the idea of using an animated Doomsday Clock as a way in, and then we just
messed with the footage until it felt right. Political junkies will recognize the
Easter egg nod to another powerful piece of advertising: LBJ’s “Daisy” ad from 1964.