Evan Brown. CD. CW. Author.

Facebook wanted to get the word out about GivingTuesday 12/3 in a big way. We created a three phase roll out which started the week before, reminding people that “It feels good to do good.” Each day, a new animated video ramped up the power of giving. From helping your community, to the country, the world, and finally the future.

We paired these videos with retargeted ads that focused on a corresponding charity.  

The cat (and the charity) was my favorite. But here are some stills from some videos. Even as stills, they carry the same charm, thanks to Buck.tv’s mixture of 2D and 3D animation.

Facebook Watch helped us get some great celebrities (and nonprofits) to share their favorite charities and remind everyone to donate. These lived on Stories on the big day, 12/3
The end result: