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After years of a loyal and slowly growing audience, Robert Pennington’s latest novel has become a massive bestseller. The problem is he’s having trouble adjusting to his new-found fame.

When British progressive rock band Radius (whose best days are behind them) approach him with a proposition to write lyrics for their upcoming album, you’d think a shrinking violet like Pennington would decline.

But he’s a huge fan of the band, and their rock star aura is seductive. With visions of groupies and metallic platform boots dancing in his head, he warily agrees to sign on.

Unfortunately, Pennington soon discovers there’s more to Radius than billowing hair and fifteen-minute organ solos. Underneath the glittery costumes are three aliens who have gotten a taste of fame on Earth. And they’re intent on keeping it at all costs.

And if it means risking a war between two planets?
Well, hey, man. That’s a small price to pay for rock n’ roll.

This 82,000 word novel was four years in the making. It’s now available on Amazon and iBook.
The book cover was designed by Åsk Dabitch Wäppling. It was inspired by the King Crimson album Islands. I love the type face. Since the book is set in 1978, it’s very appropriate.