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For my previous book, a short story collection called A-Sides & B-Sides, I took the titles of my favorite songs and used them as inspiration to write something new. One of those stories was called "Eye of Fatima," by Camper Van Beethoven.

When the book came out, one of the founders, David Lowery, asked if I would want to write a novel based on their concept album New Roman Times. I was halfway through a draft of a novel but thanks to my advertising career, I like to work off of briefs, so I jumped at the chance.

The result was New Roman Times.

Like the album, the book is an alternate reality of America in which Texas and California are the two largest countries. I liked the idea of a red state and blue state locked in a stalemate perpetuated by different forces including the media. With everything going on in America right now, the themes just presented themselves.

In addition, I also created a book trailer.

I also made a website. Camper Van Beethoven fans are very meta, so I threw in some Easter eggs for them.