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Lowe’s Anthem 

There is no American Dream. There are only American Dreams. But at the heart of every dream is a home. That's the insight behind this anthem for Lowe's as part of their rebrand under a new CMO. The idea was to take a traditionally sterile and unfashionable category-- hardware-- and add style and sophistication.

Our insight was that there was a wider audience beyond traditional DIYers and appeal to the design savvy among first-time home buyers and even renters who demanded more aesthetically pleasing choices, regardless of their budget. Lowe’s went from being a soulless hardware store to being
Home To Any Possibility.

Our rebrand included an entirely new look, tone, sound and tagline, as well as a brand voice that was warmer and more approachable than one would normally expect from a big box hardware store.

In its first year the campaign helped increase sales by 30%.