Evan Brown. Creative Director. Copywriter. Author. Musician.


In coputing language, Fault Tolerance refers to the ability of a system, like a computer or networkto continue operating when one or more of its components fail. If earth and humanity are also forms of computers, than fault tolerance also applies. How long can we keep going when we are so broken?

This year I decided to explore this concept through music and Fault Tolerant was born. At first the music was heavily sample-based, played with the most basic GarageBand or Ableton Live presets, paired with with words and phrases deliberiately taken out of context as a means of applying fault tolerance to music, too. But now it’s taken on a life of its own. Available on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music for your streaming pleasure.

I’ve released seven e.p’s since March. I’ve also designed the album covers, or worked post-humously with my mom who was not only a copywriter but a brilliant collage artist as well.

The rest can be found on Bandcamp.