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Joy of Pandemic Cooking

During week one of the Great Social-Distancing™ I decided to hunker down and get creative instead of watch the Corona News Network. The first project out of the gate was The Joy of Pandemic Cooking: a primer for the panic shopper and culinary novice whose knowhow largely begins and ends with tapping the DoorDash or Postmates app. 

It was published on the 23rd. Three days later, Amazon listed it as a #1 New Release in the Two-Hour Humor & Entertainment Short Reads. 

Like its irreverent cover, the book is loaded with dark-humored tips on how to shop, store food and become a decent cook using one of the twenty-some recipes, 

Rest assured, all meager royalties will go to feed my family and make rent during this time of need. Stay healthy, everyone.

The cover is designed by the excellent Åsk Wäppling.  

Here’s an excerpt