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Coming off the heels of Behind The Mac and Mazda’s inspiring campgin stories, I stepped in to lead a team and help them create a anthemic campaign Bonobos. This had a crazy tight turnaround with barely two weeks to lock down talent, shoot and finish post-production, but we pulled it off.

Because I’ve done a few of these docu-style spots now, i wanted to offer up some protips: 
1. Write more questions than you’ll think you need.At the same time, don’t be so beholden to the questions. Let the subject talk and steer them with prompts when needed.
2. Don’t step on the person’s answers. Invariably, they’ll say some gold while you’re saying “uh-huh, right, interesting.” This is harder to do than it sounds. Treat it like a one-sided conversation.
3.  Get the agency to pay for a transcription service, so you can read while you listen. But always listen as well. What looks good on paper might not work if the inflection is off.

In addition to the anthem, we also told some individual fit stories, too. This one from fighter Andy Ruiz is my favorite.

Bonobo's Fit Story: Andy Ruiz from E Brown on Vimeo.